Advanced quickly nurtures new environmental technologies from idea to commercialization using 20 years of experience and an extensive existing network of partners. A compressed, 1-2 year path to market can realize significant cost savings for inventors and their investors.

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The Advanced partner team’s extensive technical and commercial experience make the company an ideal integrator.


Bringing your technology to market in 1-2 years saves significant money.

What creates the difference between success and failure?

The answer is knowing your limitations and managing expectations.

Learn more about Advanced’s successes & even our lessons learned:


Advanced Delivers

  • Evaluation of new technologies
    for commercial viability
  • Support of the IP process
    and patent application(s)
  • Commercial development of

  • Distribution network

Partner Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Legal structuring
  • Accounting

  • Scientific

  • Engineering

  • Environmental consulting

  • Distribution

Markets Engaged

  • Municipal

  • Industrial

  • Environmental consulting

  • Consumer

  • Automotive