About Us

Advanced is a seasoned incubator company that has been quickly scaling up environmental companies and launching innovative technologies for the past 20 years.

Advanced has a depth of skill sets covering engineering, chemistry and microbiology expertise coupled with a range of commercial skills that include intellectual property protection, financial management, information technology, along with marketing and distribution networks.

With this range of expertise,

Advanced has evaluated multiple inventions and developed two revolutionary technologies:


“The Parts Washer”
the first bioremediation parts washer

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A novel method and process for growing microbes on-site

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Of course, both the technology inventor and the financial investor need to profit from a new idea. In many cases, though, the two sides can’t quite connect and the intervening support isn’t there. The results can range from a new idea never even being developed, to the technical people being dismissed, while investors pick up the consequential costs of technical errors. The result? Investors are wasting money and inventors are not realizing their dreams!

We’ve learned that new ideas are nurtured and success can be achieved when the right team of experts facilitate intelligent communication with all cores of the business – from technical inception to commercialization. This integrated, connected and experienced approach to environmental technology business strategy reduces development and time to market. Faster is better, resulting in reduced risk to investors and the higher likelihood of a successful venture.

Advanced specializes in novel environmental products and processes.

Advanced Advantages


The Advanced partner team’s extensive technical and commercial experience make the company an ideal integrator.


Bringing your technology to market in 1-2 years saves significant money.

Advanced Delivers

  • Evaluation of new technologies for commercial viability
  • Support of the IP/patent application process
  • Commercial development of technology
  • Distribution network

Partner Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Legal structuring
  • Accounting

  • Scientific

  • Engineering

  • Environmental consulting

  • Distribution

Markets Engaged

  • Municipal

  • Industrial

  • Environmental consulting

  • Consumer

  • Automotive