The revolutionary success stories of ZYMO® and Biofermentation™ both required building integrated skill sets of engineering, chemistry and microbiology while understanding market drivers, distribution networks and the location for best opportunities for business development. In both businesses, Advanced Innovators was the incubator company for the technologies until they were commercialized:

  • Filing patents
  • Funding development
  • Developing and constructing prototypes
  • Developing chemical and microbiological formulations
  • Making field demonstrations
  • Linking with relevant organizations
  • Bringing the technology to market and determining the business model:
    • -Finding the market
    • -Achieving technology transfer internationally
    • -Determining distribution: reps, direct-to-market, partners or distribution


“The Parts Washer”
the first bioremediation parts washer

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A novel method and process for growing microbes on-site

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ZYMO® Zymo – “The Parts Washer”, developed in 1995, uses a water-based cleaner, in conjunction with oil eating microbes, to biodegrade oil and grease washed off parts during cleaning. The closed loop system minimizes the hauling of hazardous waste. ZYMO had distribution with CarQuest and Wynn’s in the US by early 1996.  By 1997, an independent study by the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA) declared ZYMO the best alternative to solvent.  Over time, the company recognized and developed a stronger position in Europe, where there were better environmental and commercial drivers for the product. Understanding of these drivers was instrumental in the success of the company, while successfully commercially navigating technology transfer to the European market through partnerships.

Biofermentation™ was developed and field tested for the pulp and paper industry in 2000 for re-seeding wastewater plants with microbes. Initially, the market was quite limited to pulp and paper, until a breakthrough in applications development came launching the technology in to the municipal market.  Advanced Innovators filed a new process and methods patent, which was granted by the US Patent Office in 2016 for reducing biosolids production by 60%+.  This new application will carry the technology forward with more new process applications opening up as a result of these findings. Now Biofermentation stands firmly on top of a new market with a surprisingly much different view of the world.

Advanced Innovators Advantages


The Advanced Innovators’ partner team has extensive technical and commercial experience, making the company an ideal integrator.


Bringing your technology to market in 1-2 years saves significant money.

Advanced Innovators Delivers

  • Evaluation of new technologies for commercial viability
  • Support of the IP/patent application process
  • Commercial development of technology
  • Distribution network

Partner Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Legal structuring
  • Accounting

  • Scientific

  • Engineering

  • Environmental consulting

  • Distribution

Markets Engaged

  • Municipal

  • Industrial

  • Environmental consulting

  • Consumer

  • Automotive