The Team

The experience and network gained over 20 years of development and commercialization of new technology makes Advanced Innovators a natural leader as an environmental business integrator and an invaluable resource to both the inventor and to the investor.  The Advanced team includes experts in every area:

Intellectual Property
Accounting and Financing
Marketing specialists in every market sector
Information Technology
Web site development/marketing materials
Engineering design
Equipment Construction
Software design
Chemical formulation and analysis
Microbial product development
Distribution networks

Dr. Rob Whiteman formed and continues to lead the teaming partners that make Advanced an ideal environmental business integrator.  His 33+ years of experience in innovative process and product development coupled with expedited commercialization include:

2016 The first to offer a guaranteed NPDES compliance program

2016 Patent issued for reducing biosolids production in the biological wastewater treatment plant with world-wide patents pending

2015 Upgraded customized remote monitoring software

2013 Redesign of Biofermentation to enable mobility

2012 Development of customized remote monitoring software

2011 Development of field service tools for ZYMO to determine when cleaners are spent

2010 Formed Advanced Biofermentation Services to market the process to municipal sector

2008 Developed and field tested Ambient Cleaning Processes

2006-2010 New designs for Biofermentation field tested

2005 Development of field service test kits to isolate specific microbial populations

2004 Development of a range of new greener chemical cleaners

2003 Cross license with Kady for sludge destruction

2002 In 8 weeks developed Accelerated Anaerobic Toxicity Test Methods

2002 Evaluated rotary engine for automotive market

2000 Developed and field tested the first Biofermentation process for growing microbes on-site

1998 Evaluated applications of looped cord media

1995-2000 Parts washer concept/product redesign along with filing of 40+ world-wide patents

1995 In 12 months developed and field tested the first bioremediation parts washer

1993 Developed and patented process for sludge destruction using milling devices

1991 The first to use biological tracers in aerated stabilization basins

1990 Largest application in the world of bioaugmentation products

1989 The first to develop a customized continuous bioremediation system for chlorinated organics

1989 Raised $3MM in bank loans for buy-out of a lace manufacturing facility

1986 The first application of nitrifiers to trickling filters

1985 The first full-scale application of white rot fungus

1984 The first person to identify anaerobic filaments

1983 The first anaerobic process to reach loading rates of 20kgCOD/m3/d

Advanced Advantages


The Advanced Innovators partner team’s extensive technical and commercial experience make the company an ideal integrator.


Bringing your technology to market in 1-2 years saves significant money.

Advanced Innovators Delivers

  • Evaluation of new technologies for commercial viability
  • Support of the IP/patent application process
  • Commercial development of technology
  • Distribution network

Partner Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Legal structuring
  • Accounting

  • Scientific

  • Engineering

  • Environmental consulting

  • Distribution

Markets Engaged

  • Municipal

  • Industrial

  • Environmental consulting

  • Consumer

  • Automotive